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Arnab Goswami thrashes 'Babas' during the debate on the 'Anti-Superstition' bill on Newshour!

Arnab : "As the 'Anti-Superstition' bill is on the verge of getting accepted in the parliament, it seems that the dark days for 'Babas' have started!*Smiles*. Tonight on Newshour, THE NATION WANTS TO KNOW, 'What will these so called 'Babas' and 'Dhongi Sadhus' do after the bill is brought into action?' Joining me tonight on Newshour are my panelists, Please welcome 'Baba Amjad Khan (Ajmer Wale)', Mr. Aasram, live from Jodhpur Central Jail. I wont' call him a Bapu now! Also joining me on the show are Mr. Nirmal Baba and Miss Radhe Ma. I welcome you all on The Newshour. Arnab : (Raising his voice deliberately) So my first question goes to Baba Amjad Khan. Mr. Amjad, what would you do once the bill is passed in the parliament? I've seen your posters in local trains claiming to offer solutions on any problem in the world right from 'Shaadi, Pyaar, Naukri' to 'Santaan Prapti' & 'Dhan Prap

Engineering Student Attains 'Enlightnment' in Mathematics After Studying Rigorously For 9 Hours!

1st December, Mumbai : Even before F.E students could write their first engineering exam on Tuesday, an intersting case of 'Attaining Enlightnment' has been reported in Mumbai. It seems the genius who has achieved such feat is none other than Pappu Singh aka 'Pappya' who is studying in first year of Mechanical Engineering in 'Shri Thullunath College Of Engineering'. "It all started when he reached home on Sunday afternoon after attending his last lecture of Maths, which was basically a revision lecture in his classes. He looked pale and grim and did'nt even have his lunch properly. Just after his lunch he sat for his studies, but rather he unusually kept studying for 9 hours complete....and *starts crying* he's never the same now, he keeps on mumbling mathematical terms even in sleep" said his mother. On the other hands his friends 'Jhingya and Pakya' ( name changed on request) were way too delighted by this! "He

The Life Cycle Of An Indian Teen!

Hola Everyone! It seems like ages have passed since I've written something nonsensical crap. Err....does that word exist? Anyways, you might be thinking what made me write stuff on this alienated topic. The thing is I just want to vomit out all things stuck in my head since last 20-25 days. And there's no better media than a blog to express it. Okay. Enough of intro. "Life is really simple,but we insist on making it complicated".~ Conficius We all know childhood is the best part in our life, no worries about anything. We're free as a butterfly. We don't give a damn about anything! Or maybe only when we have a fight with our younger sibling on silly subjects like "Its my toy,how dare you touch it without my permission?" Or getting a window seat in your school bus meant the ultimate joy! We tend to find joys in every smal thing in our life. Its similar to heaven in our life! Hence, Childhood=Heaven. "Lyf Sux, I don't giv a

Every College Has Such 'Professors'!

Hardly a week has passed after the start of my 'Engineering College' and I've already started expressing my heart about it! No doubt, it awesome in its own ways and I'm loving it a lot! But there are always two sides of a coin? No? Okay to be frank its a tough thing to sit all the lectures in college just for the sake of 'Attendence'. Now don't dodge me by saying you visit college to get ' Education ', because thats a complete paradox in India's education system. ( Ho na ho, sab kuch ghum phir k system pe hi aata hai). Anywayz, I'm here to share my experiences about my 'Professors' in the college. I know I've other important things to write, like that damn 'Applied Physics' assignment, but I'm not that 'Sincere' enough to complete it before the deadline! ( I know, I'll have to pay for this nonsense later during submission) Okay. Here are the 'typical categories' of 'Professors'

The Facebook and Twitter Trend!

'A tu facebook pe hai?'' ''Haan, ruk tujhe add karta hu'' Its not long that you've not heard such convos before, unless you're living in 'Neanderthal' era! Social media has entered in our lives just like a viral infection. People who are away from this are considered an outcast in today's generation. Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram etc...the list is endless. People are so hooked and dependent on these websites that even for one day if any one of this shuts down, a 'civil war' like situation is formed! But amidst all these socail media craze, what we're losing is our real life relationships. Oh wait. Before I start giving 'Grandpa' type 'gyaan' let me take a look at myself! I'm also the member of these 'Social Media Addicts' creed. But I'm denying that fact.  Anyways, Facebook and twitter have taken over our lives in such a dominating manner that we've started creating