Every College Has Such 'Professors'!

Hardly a week has passed after the start of my 'Engineering College' and I've already started expressing my heart about it! No doubt, it awesome in its own ways and I'm loving it a lot! But there are always two sides of a coin? No? Okay to be frank its a tough thing to sit all the lectures in college just for the sake of 'Attendence'. Now don't dodge me by saying you visit college to get 'Education', because thats a complete paradox in India's education system. ( Ho na ho, sab kuch ghum phir k system pe hi aata hai). Anywayz, I'm here to share my experiences about my 'Professors' in the college. I know I've other important things to write, like that damn 'Applied Physics' assignment, but I'm not that 'Sincere' enough to complete it before the deadline! ( I know, I'll have to pay for this nonsense later during submission) biggrin
Okay. Here are the 'typical categories' of 'Professors' you'd most probably find in your college/school or anywhere! I guess. Maybe?

These type of profs are the first type I experienced in my college. The best thing about them is, they Teach Themselves! Yaa. I'm not kidding, they seriously do! They enter the class, pass the attendence sheet, ask those 'first-bencher' nerds, about the previous lecture and then....They start just like a 'Bullet Train' or 'Jet Plane'. Once they start, they only stop after the bell rings to mark the end of his 'Journey'. Regarding students? He does'nt give a damn whether they genuinely understood anything or not!

These are the real 'Dimaag ko Shot' profs. Once tney enter the class, they want you to greet them, if not get ready for some 'Value-Education' class. They want you be attentive all the time. They keep cribbing 'Maintain Silence/Keep Quiet' type of statements. They make a 'Raai ka Pahaad' on amy minor issue. In short, you're fucked if you get someone from this type as your 'Prof'! biggrin

As the name suggests, these kinda profs have an allergy of dictating each and every word in this universe for theire students. They enter the class with a bunch of some papers and start dictating each and every word written on that papers(maybe more than that). In short, they think of students as human 'Xerox' machines!

Consider yourself lucky if you get any prof from this category! I don't feel the need to describe this category, as you might be familiar! In short, they are the "Chal yaar, movie chalte hai, XYZ ka lecture hai, wo kuch nhi karta, proxy maar lenge!" of students!

These types generally keep on building castles about the great achievements of 'studious students,college staff etc.' in the past! In short, they have not seen the 'Present' and will always offer you ' zabardasti' ride'Down The Memory Lane'!

I don't need to say anything about these category! wink In short, these profs are the reason why 'Attendence' percentage of guys is in a position of which they're not ashamed of! ( There is scarcity of these type of professors in my college) biggrin!

These profs have reached an age of spending their last few years of life, on a mini vacation to 'Uganda'..err. But instead they chose to teach us, ruining their enjoyment of a probable 'Happy Retirement' life!

There is no description about them in any book in this universe! All depends on their mood and nature! Piss them off once, they'lk remember you for lifetime, looking for every oppourtunity to screw you! Make them happy once(I often call it as 'Ass Licking'wink, they'll keep humming your tunes till you pass out of the college!

Thats it buddies! Imight have missed on few of the 'streotypes' you may let me know about them in 'Comments' section! Also, I hope none of my profs get to read this...I'll be in deep trouble then! biggrin

Also before leaving I'd like to say one thing 'Jaise bhi hai theek hai'. They are good human beings ultimately, and thats what matters the most. smile
Okay. Got to complete my damn chem assingment, or else I'd be at the recieving end of the worst!

I'd like to conclude by quoting two greats, Conficius and Bill Gates.

"If I am walking with two other
men, each of them will serve as
my teacher. I will pick out the
good points of the one and
imitate them, and the bad points
of the other and correct them in myself." ~ Confucius. smile
"If you think your teacher is
tough, wait until you get a boss.
He doesn't have tenure."~ Bill Gates. smile
Thank you for reading this! Pardon me for spelling errors as typing on my phone sucks!


  1. A post filled with negativity. If you dont want to study then that's your fault. There are some professors who crack jokes and make you understand things by citing some awesome examples. For example, my 12th class physics lecturer taught us escape velocity by citing an example of Bheem - he said bheem ne ushe escape velocity se ghuma kar fainka is liye to wo dharti pe wapis nhi aaya.

    I think you have a bad luck that you didnt come across amazing teachers.


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