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The Last Interview

[The following article is a work of fiction made from the fragments of author's weird and demented imagination. It does not bear any resemblance to reality. If so, it's purely accidental. Thank you!] I was sitting in the waiting room. There were four individuals besides me, waiting for their turn. I glanced over to see their faces. It reeked of nervousness, I could tell that easily. Adjusting their neck ties and regularly wiping off their faces with the handkerchief. I very well remember being in that position. A few months back, I guess. I had lost count after 47. The lady behind the counter called my name. This is it. I stood up and went inside. A man greeted me with a smug smile on his face. A smile that could even put Mona Lisa in a fix. I went ahead and greeted him. "Good morning, Sir!" "Oh good morning Mr. Harry! Please take a seat!" I pulled the chair and sat on it. All that expensive cushioning and still it didn't feel comfortable. I mad