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Whatever Happened To Our Childhood Dreams.

"Change your Whatsapp display pic to our Tricolour, can't you show some respect for our nation? At least for day?" "Yaar, iss desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta. Ek baar GRE clear du, fir toh US mein hi settle ho jaaunga!"  "Infosys bekaar hai bey. Google aur JP Morgan mein hi job ke liye try karunga!"    And so I began my Independence Day celebrations by blocking these self proclaimed intellectuals and pseudo jingoists. Okay. Maybe I'm feeling a bit inspirational today. That'd be because I watched Border for like 23845657th time on Zee Cinema yesterday. Or because I just heard the legendary speech, "Tryst With Destiny" on History channel. Whatever may be the reason, this article is not like my usual satires. You may find it a bit boring and way too long. Basically, this article is just my brain spitting out a philosophical and motivational twaddle on this platform, just like the concoction of an average paan eater's spu