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We Don't Need No Religion

Disclaimer: If you're an extremely religious person or some sort of faith fanatic, stop reading this right away. My intention isn't to offend anyone. I'm just sharing my opinions and my viewpoint here. Yes. Feel free to flush it down the drain, if you disagree.  Thank You. If seeing this guy makes your blood boil, STOP READING. I REPEAT. STOP READING. (Pic What's up folks? Hope you're enjoying your Diwali vacations. I wish you all a very happy and prosperous Diwali! Yes. Asked God to spread happiness and peace all over, if not, he can go fuck himself. And yes, Happy Children's Day. Never kill that inner child in you. Never. Moving forward, Modi's in UK. Epic speech at Wembley, must say. I guess he's the second guy of Asian heritage to rock Wembley with such magnitude! After Freddie Mercury of course! (1986, Queen, live at Wembley) First Madison Square and now Wembley. A rockstar indeed! No. I’m not a ‘bhakt’ or somethi

How Fucked Up Are We?

No one said it better than this author. (Pic Source: What's up folks? I know I'm a bit late this time as I just finished writing 989787658476 pages of mindless batcrap in the name of assignments and journals. I never quite understood the logic behind writing the same stuff that's already available in printed form. It's like catching a Karjat bound local train from Dadar, when the fact is that you actually want to reach Andheri. Never mind, I can go cribbing about all that's fucked up about this education system for decades! Also, I had the privilege of attending the most disruptive blogging conference ever! BNLF (Blog Now, Live Forever) Yes. I know. Saw Bruce Dickinson. Live. On stage. Standing at an arm's distance! Damn! If I were a girl, I would have totally made out with him, right there! Absolute legend! Best. Event. Ever! Okay. Moving on, remember in school how we used to think our future would be? Yes. The go