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The Life Cycle Of An Indian Teen!

Hola Everyone! It seems like ages have passed since I've written something nonsensical crap. Err....does that word exist? Anyways, you might be thinking what made me write stuff on this alienated topic. The thing is I just want to vomit out all things stuck in my head since last 20-25 days. And there's no better media than a blog to express it. Okay. Enough of intro. "Life is really simple,but we insist on making it complicated".~ Conficius We all know childhood is the best part in our life, no worries about anything. We're free as a butterfly. We don't give a damn about anything! Or maybe only when we have a fight with our younger sibling on silly subjects like "Its my toy,how dare you touch it without my permission?" Or getting a window seat in your school bus meant the ultimate joy! We tend to find joys in every smal thing in our life. Its similar to heaven in our life! Hence, Childhood=Heaven. "Lyf Sux, I don't giv a