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Life: Unpredictably Ironic!

Platform no. 9. Crowded as hell. No space for an ant to move. A young girl in her teens. Fair skin and lovely hair.  "Man! The trains are late today." "Seriously, what is wrong with these people?!" "Bitch! Stop moving! There's no place!" "Oh good lord, stop pushing me! I'll fall off the platform." "I swear, I'm never coming by train again." An announcement that the trains shall be even more late and the growing crowd. Breathing peacefully becomes an issue. Chaos all around. And, a text message. "I love you, beautiful. You're the best thing that has happened to me! You complete me. Thank you for being with me. I don't know what I'll do without you! You bring meaning to my life." Beauty had found solace amidst the mayhem.  Well, life can't always be fair, right? *booooom* A bomb blast. Beauty, solace and love were all short-lived.     {This is a guest post wr

The Football Fanatics!

So its that time of the year again when football fans all over the globe are having probably the best time of their lives. Football, Booze, Pizza.... Its nearly a month long big bash party! Its also the time  when new football fans just come out of their cocoon to be a part of this huge carnival! Its difficult to classify these football maniacs, but I'll help you figure out the types of football fans, you might come across. So Lets Kick Off! 1.] The Genuine Football Fans. No one can forget this beautiful mosaic by some genuine Dortmund fans! This category includes people who're football fans just because they love the sport. They support a team only because they like their style of playing. They have a good sense of football tactics and gameplay. These are the people who enjoy and appreciate a good football game, and won't crib even if their team loses in that game! They don't like the sport just to seem cool or impress anyone. How To Spot Them : Well, there

'Offendomania Fever' Grips India, High Alert Declared!

People getting tested for the deadly McBc virus. India: The deadly Offendomania Fever(McBc Virus) , has gripped India recently with the toll of people infected rising upto a whooping 983647. A large number are people getting offended nowadays, reported our correspondents.             In the wake of the rise in number of McBc cases, the authorities have stepped up surveillance and measures to combat the massive spread of the disease. 4513 out of the 78463 samples sent to Bakchod Centre Of Virus Research, were confirmed to be badly affected by McBc.             Dr. Amar, the directorate of Bakchod Centre Of Virus Research told our reporters that McBc virus has much higher risk of causing severe anger, frustration and even violent behaviour in people that are infected with this virus. He said  "Its a serious matter of concern. This virus is spreading rapidly all over India. The affected people are somewhat responsible for it, as it is a contagious disease. Also there are s