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Between Wits And Tits

Hello. What's up folks! So, finally Leonardo DiCaprio won an oscar and broke the internet. Well, got to admire him for his dedication and perseverance. The lad took more than a decade to rise after being drowned by Rose's love, in Titanic. Anyway, he deserved it! (Pic Credits: Moving on, you might be wondering, "Did I just read 'tits'" Yes, you can judge me for the uncanny way in which I metaphorize my titles. But basically, the idea behind this is that it draws your attention and maybe some traffic as well! Anyway, choosing between beauty and brains is like choosing between David and Goliath or Adam and Eve. You just can't guess who's got the upper hand here. We live in a prejudiced society where people usually judge your by your external appearance. As they say, "First impression is the last impression" So, you better make it worthwhile! Unless you dress up as a clown, with a chainsaw in your hand and go homici