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*Disclaimer: This article contains abuses and views which might seem offensive. Stop reading it right away, if you're under 18 years of age. Also, if you get offended easily. Thank You.*  If you hate this guy, you better stop reading right away! (Pic Credits: Google Images.)   Hello Folks! What's up! By the way, Summers are here in Bombay! Yayy! The weather when you sweat profusely 24*7 and urine just simply evaporates from the bladder! Also, Sec66A has been scrapped! Woo hoo!! But beware. It doesn't mean that we can write whatever the crap we want to. My views on #Sec66A. Moving forward,this article is going to be an epic one and the longest one too. Longer than even Ashutosh Gowariker movies, as this awesome guy, Akash Barve (Nimrod) *That's the way I've saved his contact name. Huge Green Day fan!*, is collaborating with me! Yes. We guys are jobless to the core and have no life, so we keep writing stuff to make ourselves feel better. So

Schools Will Now Teach 'Ass-Licking' : New Curriculum To Be Updated Soon!

  FLATTERY: Lesson 1 ~ 'IF YOU WANT TO GET TO THE TOP,  PREPARE TO KISS A LOT OF THE BOTTOM.' India: In a move that surprised the whole nation, the government has decided to include 'Ass- Licking' as a part of the new school syllabus, which will be updated soon. This move was taken after Manoj Singh, a software analyst from Mumbai, filed a PIL on this issue.  Our correspondent Sunil, managed to stalk and catch up with Mr. Manoj Singh. Here's an excerpt from that exclusive interview. Manoj : *Tries to shoo away Sunil, our correspondent disguised as a beggar*  Go away..I don't have any money. Aagey badho, chhutta nhi hai.. Sunil : Sir, this is Sunil Yadav, I'm a news reporter. Can I have a few minutes of your time? Just a few questions and I'm done. Please Sir, please.. *pleads* Manoj : Whoa! Okay, but why are you dressed up as a beggar? Sunil: *Laughs* Sir, the thing is, I've to do a lot of stalking in my profession,