Engineering Student Attains 'Enlightnment' in Mathematics After Studying Rigorously For 9 Hours!

1st December, Mumbai : Even before F.E students could write their first engineering exam on Tuesday, an intersting case of 'Attaining Enlightnment' has been reported in Mumbai. It seems the genius who has achieved such feat is none other than Pappu Singh aka 'Pappya' who is studying in first year of Mechanical Engineering in 'Shri Thullunath College Of Engineering'.

"It all started when he reached home on Sunday afternoon after attending his last lecture of Maths, which was basically a revision lecture in his classes. He looked pale and grim and did'nt even have his lunch properly. Just after his lunch he sat for his studies, but rather he unusually kept studying for 9 hours complete....and *starts crying* he's never the same now, he keeps on mumbling mathematical terms even in sleep" said his mother.

On the other hands his friends 'Jhingya and Pakya' ( name changed on request) were way too delighted by this! "He was always poor at maths, but don't know what happend to him that day! On our way back home from classes, he was reading Kumbhojkar in the bus, which is just like Lalu Yadav reading Shakespeare's works! That was the moment we noticed, something is definately wrong with him" said Jhingya.
"He always said, 'Maths chutiya subject hai', but this is strange, he can now solve any fucking sum in the world" exagerrated Pakya.

Meanwhile, college professors who teach Pappu have reacted in a different way calling this 'enlightnment' thing a complete nonsense!
"He's a retard. He can't even answer what is 56965+323165. All he knows is to smoke pot and then puff out in class during lectures" said Prof. Matriceswala, who teaches Maths along with EVS, in the same college.

Our reporters tried our best to make a contact with 'wonder boy' Pappu, and succeeded after much efforts.
"Everything in this world is Maths. Yeh saara sansaar Ganit ke khel ki moh maaya mein khoya hai. Aao mere saath is, moh maaya mein kho jao" addressed Pappu.

Among all this ruckus, Techmax Publications have approached court against Kumbhojkar for writing books that alter mental balance of students. Our student correspondent happened to contact the editor in chief of Techmax on this matter.
"This is too dangerous. If students start losing their mental balance after reading such books, the future generations of engineers will be mentally retarted by the time they receive their degrees"

Meanwhile, the classes that Pappu used to attend have started 'Crash 9 Hour Courses' for the upcoming exam on Tuesday, which will be specially conducted by Sir Pappu himself!

(Above article does not have any relation with real life incidents and are purely imaginary as the imaginry part 'iY' in 'Complex Numbers'. Thank you for wasting your precious time reading this crap, rather than studying for your exams! biggrin )

Adios till next time buddies! And Best Of Luck for everyone who's having their exams! smile


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