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Teenage Love: A Ridiculous Prelude!

Good luck finding that imaginary person. (Pic Source: Tumblr.) What's up folks! Well, hope you're enjoying this blissful season of rains. Yeah, me too. Water logged roads, floating feces, potholes deeper than your psychological quotes, disrupted local trains, traffic jams! Damn! Such a beautiful weather! Meanwhile, New Horizons recently had a Pluto fly by!  Yaar, log Pluto ki photo kheech kar le aate hai, aur hamein yahaan PAN card ke liye passport photo kichwaane photo studio jaane nhi hota. People also spotted a heart shaped spot on it. The desperation to relate anything to love! Picture on left: How some people see Pluto. Picture on right: How I see 'Pluto' (Pic Credits : Google Images) So much has been going on in the world of space exploration recently. Reportedly Stephen Hawking is about to work on a $100mn project with this Russian billionaire Yuri Milner, to search for extraterrestrial life. Well, considering the guy's godmode intellectu