The Facebook and Twitter Trend!

'A tu facebook pe hai?'' ''Haan, ruk tujhe add karta hu'' Its not long that you've not heard such convos before, unless you're living in 'Neanderthal' era! Social media has entered in our lives just like a viral infection. People who are away from this are considered an outcast in today's generation. Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram etc...the list is endless. People are so hooked and dependent on these websites that even for one day if any one of this shuts down, a 'civil war' like situation is formed! But amidst all these socail media craze, what we're losing is our real life relationships. Oh wait. Before I start giving 'Grandpa' type 'gyaan' let me take a look at myself! I'm also the member of these 'Social Media Addicts' creed. But I'm denying that fact.

 Anyways, Facebook and twitter have taken over our lives in such a dominating manner that we've started creating our own 'parallel world' on these sites. All things happening in our real lives, have an impact on our 'social' life. "Broke up with her sad" or "Damn Happy, got a job in XYZ company" you must have come across such status updates or tweets! Of Course, you won't give a fuck about them if you hate the person whoz posted it! But deep inside it will have an effect on your self confidence. You might alos start getting negative vibes about them, just cause they have a great 'Rainbow World' life on Facebook or Twitter! "He has 6K followers, and I only have 2K, I won't follow him" such things also run through our mind! Whereas, it also has the other side of the coin. Social media has helped us abolish distance between relationships. Imagine the happiness when you randomly find your long lost school crush on facebook! wink. Also the corporate world has started using it as a 'Bramhastra' of marketing world! Okay. Before it starts getting monotonous, just like my school essays, i should take your leave now! smile.

 As it is my first post, and I've wrote it 'via my Nokia 5233' pardon me for any errors that may have crept in. Thanks for bearing my english! biggrin
*Logs in on facebook and twitter*


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