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Between News and Propaganda

No thanks. Recently I had the opportunity to read and educate myself a bit about the cult hype surrounding the Cobrapost sting operations. Now many of you might be knowing about it and many of you might be wondering which is this new breed of snake. For those who haven't heard about Cobrapost or anything related to it, it's a news/investigative portal that did a series of sting operations on various television, news and digital media platforms. The sting operations revealed how big media houses and digital companies are willing to sell religious/political propaganda and agenda through their channels and platforms for money. There were many big names involved in this scandal and the outrage on the internet regarding this was tremendous. Especially on Twitter and Reddit. The two least toxic social media platforms out there as of now. (Can't say that about Twitter anymore though) Now the outrage was justified. News and media channels are ideally supposed to be unb

An Ode to a Deluded Generation

They're out there in the dark alleys, of shady bars and posh restaurants Dancing and drinking away on a Friday night losing themselves to the loud music. They're out there in their trendy sneakers, striving. The shoes for which they sold a chunk of their soul, just to show the world that they're arriving, gradually moving towards their estranged goal. *** He still remembers those days, how they used to tell him those tales "Strive and struggle son, for just this one time. Later on, life is as blissful as that delicious glass of sweet lime!" He still remembers those days, when he burnt the midnight oil to write his own story, for he believed them all, he believed those tales. He believed that slow and steady wins the race, Like a mouse turning the wheels of time, running away to be in a better place, to stay alive in the rat race. *** They're out there sitting in fancy cafes, sipping that cup of mocha latt