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How To Save Your Planet

[Disclaimer: Below article is to be taken with a pinch of salt and if possible, with a pinch of cyanide. All views expressed here are personal. The author suffers from mild dementia and this article won't be held responsible for any damage to your IQ. Readers are advised to proceed at their own risk.] What's up folks! Been ages since I last puked out crap here. Was busy disposing off dead bodies of people who were sending me Game Of Thrones spoilers. Now, that show is now really starting to get on my nerves. I'm just waiting for that episode where they'll finally introduce Hitler's character and he'll just put an end to this pandemonium, once and for all. I'd also love to see Frank and Claire Underwood fighting for that throne! Just imagine the sordid politics that would follow! Moving on, there has been a recent uproar in the world, regarding climate change and global warming. Too much talk about saving our planet for a better future. Maybe Leo'