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101: How To Be A Jerk!

The only kind of people in this world. (Pic Source: What's up folks! Celebrated my 20th birthday a few weeks back. I'd first like to thank you all for those wishes that poured in! The last time so many people had wished for my happiness was when I had floated rumours about settling in Himalayas forever, renouncing myself from this world! Everyone was so happy that they'll be finally getting rid of my nonsense. But only until they realized that I was kidding and it hurt them real bad. Yes. Anyway, Happy Ganesh Chaturthi! Best thing about Ganeshotsav are Momos..err Modaks! Well, never mind. Okay, skipping the part where I whine about how fucked up my life is, I'll move on saving your much precious time. Remember the time when being nice was seen as great quality? Maybe somewhere around the Stone Age era. When good peeps were roaming around naked on this planet without being judged, rubbing flint stones, producing fire and shit! Everyone was