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Frankly Speaking : Arnab Thrashes Honey Singh!

Arnab nailing Honey Singh! (Pic Credits: Google Images) Arnab : Welcome to Frankly Speaking, I'm Arnab Goswami. Tonight my dear viewers, we have got on our show, the so called 'Coolest Rapper Of India'. Whose pathetic songs can be heard almost everywhere across India. The guy who's absurd enough to add something as silly as 'Yo Yo' as a prefix to his name. Yes. You guessed it right. Please welcome Mr.Yo Yo Honey Singh on the show. Arnab: Welcome to Frankly Speaking! Let me start this with a very basic question. So, Mr. Honey Singh. Why do you produce foolish songs? Honey Singh: (smiling sheepishly) Thank You Arnab for inviting me to this show. I.. Arnab: (interrupts) Wait. Please stop this. Stop showing this gratitude by thanking me. Don't you think that I'll go soft on you if you treat me with these social courtesies. You'll have to answer my straight questions tonight, there's no escaping. Keep that in your mind. You may ple