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The Social Acceptance Quandary!

Customary quote by some random great person to begin the article . As usual, it's Kurt Cobain. (PIC CREDITS: What's up folks? I hope you're enjoying your vacations! Yeah, me too. Most of my friends are currently partying in Goa! Although my idea of a perfect vacation is limited to staying at home and lying on my couch 24*7, thinking about life, universe, profound philosophy, tweeting lame jokes and wondering whether or not I'll get laid in future. So, now they've banned Maggi. *cries* :'( Yes. Keep these MSG threats to yourself. The last time I was really scared of MSG was when Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh was acting in it. Okay. Jokes apart, lead is a slow poison and is definitely harmful if consumed in excess. The worst mistake Maggi committed was not printing a statutory warning, "Excessive consumption of Maggi can be injurious to healt