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The Empty Pots

It was a bright sunny afternoon of May and the temperature was hovering around forty degrees. Outdoors, not a single person was in sight. Everyone snuggled up inside their houses to avoid facing the wrath of this unbearable heat. As the old woman watched from the window, a light breeze blew the ground dust on the windowpane. She looked for a while and then got up, heading towards the kitchen. The pots were empty and dry. She picked up a couple of those pots and took them with her. Just when she was about to leave, she saw a man on a motorcycle, pulling up in the front of the verandah of the house. The man got down from the bike and gently knocked on the front door. "Mother?" The old woman opened the door. "What happened?" , she inquired suspiciously. "Well, nothing. I was just passing by here and I thought I should visit you." She looked at him momentarily. "Okay, come on in." , she said and the man entered the house and sat on the c