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Every College Has Such 'Professors'!

Hardly a week has passed after the start of my 'Engineering College' and I've already started expressing my heart about it! No doubt, it awesome in its own ways and I'm loving it a lot! But there are always two sides of a coin? No? Okay to be frank its a tough thing to sit all the lectures in college just for the sake of 'Attendence'. Now don't dodge me by saying you visit college to get ' Education ', because thats a complete paradox in India's education system. ( Ho na ho, sab kuch ghum phir k system pe hi aata hai). Anywayz, I'm here to share my experiences about my 'Professors' in the college. I know I've other important things to write, like that damn 'Applied Physics' assignment, but I'm not that 'Sincere' enough to complete it before the deadline! ( I know, I'll have to pay for this nonsense later during submission) Okay. Here are the 'typical categories' of 'Professors'