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The Irony Of War And Peace

Peace. Such a wonderful word. Webster's dictionary defines peace as, "a state in which there is no war or fighting" Humanity has been striving for eternal peace since eons! And yes, the struggle is real indeed. A few days back, a harrowing video surfaced on the internet. It was about this 5 year old little Syrian kid, Omran Daqneesh, who was rescued from the rubble, after an airstrike at Aleppo. This horrific video sent shivers down my spine and every time I look at that boy's shocked and innocent face, I struggle to fight that lump in my throat. The pathetic state of humanity right now. But does it even matter to us? Nope. It doesn't. Because we don't live in Syria. A few more months and everyone will soon forget about Omran. Just like we forgot Alan Kurdi. Yes, the iconic kid in the picture, whose corpse was swept ashore. I won't go about preaching how this is all fucking insane and how we should do something about it. Ranting won't chan