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What's Your Point..err!

Hello folks! Its been quite long since I retired from blogging. Yes. Stop calling me a loser. The fact is, my involuntary retirement lasted more than Kejriwal's last stint as the CM of Delhi! I guess... well, things have changed way too quickly, as the guy has managed to become Delhi's CM again. Yeah. I do respect and admire his victory in Delhi Elections, but don't expect me to adulate him just for the sake of getting hits on my blog! It seems while I'd been away, there had been a massive outbreak of  'McBc' virus! And this time almost  1000's were affected by it! (In case you don't know what McBc virus is : McBc Virus Wikia. ) The thing is, it is a very contagious virus, and can spread easily, so stay alert and watch out for it. Don't get offended!  And, we beat Pakistan this time too! 6-0! Woohoo! The last time Pakistan beat India in a World Cup match, dinosaurs were alive and playing garba on this planet! (Yes, my one liners are just a