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Arnab Goswami thrashes 'Babas' during the debate on the 'Anti-Superstition' bill on Newshour!

Arnab : "As the 'Anti-Superstition' bill is on the verge of getting accepted in the parliament, it seems that the dark days for 'Babas' have started!*Smiles*. Tonight on Newshour, THE NATION WANTS TO KNOW, 'What will these so called 'Babas' and 'Dhongi Sadhus' do after the bill is brought into action?' Joining me tonight on Newshour are my panelists, Please welcome 'Baba Amjad Khan (Ajmer Wale)', Mr. Aasram, live from Jodhpur Central Jail. I wont' call him a Bapu now! Also joining me on the show are Mr. Nirmal Baba and Miss Radhe Ma. I welcome you all on The Newshour. Arnab : (Raising his voice deliberately) So my first question goes to Baba Amjad Khan. Mr. Amjad, what would you do once the bill is passed in the parliament? I've seen your posters in local trains claiming to offer solutions on any problem in the world right from 'Shaadi, Pyaar, Naukri' to 'Santaan Prapti' & 'Dhan Prap

Engineering Student Attains 'Enlightnment' in Mathematics After Studying Rigorously For 9 Hours!

1st December, Mumbai : Even before F.E students could write their first engineering exam on Tuesday, an intersting case of 'Attaining Enlightnment' has been reported in Mumbai. It seems the genius who has achieved such feat is none other than Pappu Singh aka 'Pappya' who is studying in first year of Mechanical Engineering in 'Shri Thullunath College Of Engineering'. "It all started when he reached home on Sunday afternoon after attending his last lecture of Maths, which was basically a revision lecture in his classes. He looked pale and grim and did'nt even have his lunch properly. Just after his lunch he sat for his studies, but rather he unusually kept studying for 9 hours complete....and *starts crying* he's never the same now, he keeps on mumbling mathematical terms even in sleep" said his mother. On the other hands his friends 'Jhingya and Pakya' ( name changed on request) were way too delighted by this! "He