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Parageusia Of Love ~ A small compendium of my ideas on the most overrated feeling called Love.

  "He loved her madly. She suffered from Alzheimer's Disease. He wrote a love poem for her. She rolled a joint on it & smoked his love!"   "He loved her like the red rose in the orchid. She ignored him like the useless shrub growing near a gutter ( drainage system )" "He: Your eyes! They're prescient! Glistening through the welkin! Pernicious!   She: Your words! They're obscure! Causing a tumult in my vocabulary! Unctuous! " "She: I need some space! He: Okay! " *Ties her to a rocket and launches her in space* "She was the 'heartthrob' of the college ! He had a 'pacemaker' placed in his chest!" "He was a mathematical genius. She was 'tan 90' of beauty! He failed to crack her 'trigonometry'. Ultimately she fucked with his 'Logic'!" " She was the goddess of beauty. He was an atheist" *End Of The Story * "Love

Engineering Students Flood AAP Office In Mumbai For Recruitment Drive After The Result Debacle!

Students gathered near AAP office   Mumbai: As soon as the first semester results were declared by Mumbai University last week, a wave of mixed emotions gripped the engineering students . With the overall passing percentage as pathetic as 36%,its reported that more than 18000 students flunked in this exam. Which according to Mumbai University is 'normal'. A lot of students who failed in their exams have gone into depreession. Sightings of packets of 'goldflake' along with bottles of 'Imperial Blue' & 'Old Monk, on college terraces were reported by our correspondents. Most of the students claim this result to be an 'akhand chutiyapa' of  MU and are applying for revaluation, while most of them have gathered outside AAP. Meanwhile, the offices of AAP have started to flood with thousands of 'registration' forms everyday. To tackle this problem AAP has decided to issue an guideline/criterion brochure, to assure the