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Absurd Indian Advertisements!

GET OVER IIT'S, YOU FAGGOTS! IIN IS HERE! (Pic Credits: Google Images) What's up folks? Well, I'd been a bit busy these days, slogging my ass writing assignments and doing submissions for the so called 'internal marks'. Submissions are the most pathetic stage in an engineer's life. We've to literally 'submit' ourselves to the profs and faculty, so that they can screw us as they wish. And in return award us with good grades. (only if you're in their good books and have the ability to lick it well & clean!) I never gave a fuck about grades, so it doesn't really matter much to me. The other day I was surfing channels on my idiot box and just then these advertisements started to introspect my whole thinking process altogether. So, I decided why not write something on it. I never quite understood the logic behind some of the advertisements they display on the tube these days. For instance, the 'AXE Deodorant' advert. Like