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The Great IIT'ian Circus!

Hello Folks! Pretty long since I wrote something crappy. Well I was a bit busy these days, doing an internet research on sexually transmitted diseases in Mongolian tribes! First up, I'd like to congratulate all those who've fared well in their board and JEE exams recently! You've just reduced two years of slogging your ass & not getting laid, out of the remaining 50-60 years of your life! And I'd also like to thank you all for the amazing response you gave for my previous blog article, The Football Fanatics! :')                Moving forward, as  the world renowned philosopher, Sir  Friedrich Nietzsche once said "In near future, there will be more number of engineers in India, than the number of quantum particles in Universe." Well, I won't blame him for his absolutely factual and pragmatic thoughts about India. Never mind!                 As per Nirmal Baba's yearly predictions, there will be around 8 million engineers passing out,