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101: How to Riot - A Beginners Guide For Writers

Happy New Year, my dear fellow readers! Now before you folks start hurling abuses at me I'd like to say that this article has nothing to do with rioting. In fact, it's a basics guide on how to write. Yes. My auto-correct has malfunctioned after my phone got damaged at Kurla station, while I was trying to board a Karjat fast train. Anyway, quite a happening week to start the new year. From whiskey on the rocks to throwing rocks, the frustration regarding 2017 still hasn't left us. In fact, it has grown so high that some people were still partying out there, setting buses on fire and shit and having the time of their life! A random and unnecessary snapshot from a book that was gifted to me by a dear friend. Because a picture speaks a thousand words which probably no one wants to hear. (Pic Source: 'ABC's of Anarchy' by Brian Heagney) Anyway, we all live in the age of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Of big data and small minds. And in case yo