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The Teacher

He picks up the chalk, the numbers,  the equations,  the inequalities. The chalk dust settles to the ground, however, he's taught me that nothing stays around forever.   His words ring in my ears, asking me to live my life to the fullest,  for I might die tomorrow. Asking me to explore new horizons every day, Oh this life is too short to wallow in sorrow.   There's no heaven, there's no hell, he said, Do everything while you're still alive and well, Because nothing ever matters when you're dead. Even the faces on the photograph, will gradually fade away,  Never lose your present,  in the melancholy of what you lost yesterday. The boundless love you share, the kindness and care, will keep growing and flowing,  like the blissful morning air   You've gone nowhere, you'll always be there, In my music and my words,  in those blooming flowers and chirping birds, In my good deeds and Mom's prayer beads, In the books that I read, You'll always be with me, in