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A Surreal Dream!

*I was strolling with her, on a beach.. discussing random things, just then...* Me: "Your twinkling blue eyes, shining like stars in the skies. Your beautiful smile, gleaming like pearls of divine. As the moon is sinking beyond the shore, all I'm seeing is your face, glistening galore! It's not love. It's not lust. As my heart goes wandering for you, amidst stardust! Its much more than that. I'm sorry, but this poem is as crap as a mole rat!" *Deafening silence for a minute* Me: I love you! :) She: "Aww... That's the most interesting thing someone has said to me! I love you too! :)" We gazed deep into each others eyes, slowly condensing the distance among us... 3, 2, 1....Happy New Year!! Fireworks and cheers started to fade away in the background, as we were slowly getting lost in ourselves... And then, just when I was about to have the most beautiful phase of of life... *TTTTRRRRRIIIIIINNNNGGGGGGGGG* The sound of my alarm c