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Shit We Do On Social Media

What's up folks? I hope you guys are having helluva fun this vacations! Watched Bajirao Mastani. Good movie, especially Ranveer's acting. It could have been better had they portrayed more of warrior Bajirao rather than lover Bajirao. Deepika is insanely beautiful as usual! Meanwhile, high court just acquitted Bhai of all the charges in that classic hit and run case! Only Bhai can go to a bar and drink a glass of water! Bhai Roxx! They should seriously consider this! Okay. Usually December is for the 'Frankly Speaking' series but I decided to not to go with Arnab this time. Moving on,  I just happened to log in to my facebook account after like a month. The first thing that popped up is a random girl's display picture. Well, she was lying on a beach, tangerine sunset in the background. Overall it was a great picture, especially the scenic paradise in the background! And what caught my eye was the caption, "Ur attitude may hurt me but mine can