The Life Cycle Of An Indian Teen!

Hola Everyone! It seems like ages have passed since I've written something nonsensical crap. Err....does that word exist? Anyways, you might be thinking what made me write stuff on this alienated topic. The thing is I just want to vomit out all things stuck in my head since last 20-25 days. And there's no better media than a blog to express it. Okay. Enough of intro.

"Life is really simple,but we insist on making it complicated".~ Conficius

We all know childhood is the best part in our life, no worries about anything. We're free as a butterfly. We don't give a damn about anything! Or maybe only when we have a fight with our younger sibling on silly subjects like "Its my toy,how dare you touch it without my permission?" Or getting a window seat in your school bus meant the ultimate joy! We tend to find joys in every smal thing in our life. Its similar to heaven in our life! Hence, Childhood=Heaven.

"Lyf Sux, I don't giv a Fuck!" whenever you come across such statuses on social media, fear not. It just signified that the person's teenage years have started! Ohh....Teenagers! Nostaligia of crazy and wierd things which I've done myself as a teenger flash across my mind. biggrin. It all begins in teens. The complicated and uninterrupted seven years of your life! Where you're at the worst of your behaviour. You're rude,you slam doors. You're moody. You tend to hate everybody except your friends. Friends become your evrything in these phase of your life. Its also marks the beginning of your magnetic nature of growth. Or you may also call it 'electronic' nature of growth, where opposites attract just like electrons and photons. Maybe I went too scientific...biologically it often means pubertal growth. Might not be sure as I'd falied in Bio in ninth grade.Abandoned bio after that incident. Chuck it, anyways. During these teenage years your Parents semm to be your worst enemy. You're often thinking or you like to pretend, your not related to them in any sense. You drove without a licence.You sneak out. Risky seems the new Sexy. You get involoved in relationships.(I've not been that lucky in this case). Girlfriends and Boyfriends , Love and Break-Ups, and evrything in between.

This phase is also considered as the best period to cultivate your hobbies and intrests.They'll stay throughout your life and help you grow as an individual.

I wanted to write further but I myself have not been through my teenage years, as I'm still 18! So till then I have no experience about adult life!

I'd like. to end up by qouting Emma Roberts.

"I think as you get older, you tend to think of teenagers as really young."

I should take your leave now. Pardon me for ruining your holiday, if this article happened to bore you to hell!
Sorry for my poor english and typing mistakes, as writing from my Nokia suckks badly. (wrote that extra 'k' in sucks, intentionally. :p)

Good Bye till. next time! smile


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