Something In The Way!

"I don't have the passion anymore. So remember, it's better to burn out that to fade away."
There's a very fine line between genius and madness. And Kurt Cobain was that line.
Anyway, I've been listening to 'Nirvana - MTV Unplugged in New York (1993)', since the past 3 hours or so. 
So, let me take you along with me, through the utopia of this legendary rock front man's unfortunately short but spectacular life!

No one would've thought that this 20 something guy from Aberdeen would go on to take the world of rock music, by a storm! He was basically the John Lennon of 90's. Termed as the spokesman of a generation! His disturbed childhood and the resulting anger within, was exquisitely expressed through Nirvana's beautiful grungy music and Kurt's clean raspy vocals. His unconventional yet witty ideologies had the power to rattle your perception, right to the core! The guy who taught us that it's totally okay to be yourself, in a world full of phonies and hypocrites. I'll leave you here with some of his brilliant, thought provoking epigrams.

1). "Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are."

2). "I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not."

3). "A friend is nothing but a known enemy."

4). "Rather be dead than cool."

5). "The worst crime is faking it."

6). "It's okay to eat fish, they don't have any feelings."

7). "The sun is gone, but I've a light."

8). "We've no right to, express an opinion until we know all of the answers." 

9). "Nobody dies a virgin. Life fucks us all." 

10). "Everyone wants to be hip. Everyone wants to be accepted."

Okay. I'll also leave you with his best musical creations! Here's my list of some great musical masterpieces, by this talented artist!

1). Smells Like Teen Spirit.

The most iconic rock anthem!

2). Heart Shaped Box. 

 Its weird lyrics combined with the captivating voice of Kurt! Pretty unusual and creative!

3). You Know You're Right. 


Its grungy chorus and soft verses, typical Nirvana! This song explains everything Kurt was going through during his last days. His last song.

4). All Apologies.


A rather mellow song that makes you feel happy and melancholy, at the same time. Such is the beauty of their music!

5). The Man Who Sold The World.

For me, this the best song ever written! David Bowie's lyrical genius and Kurt Cobain covering it with his mellifluous voice. Some songs are so beautiful that even words fail miserably when you try to describe them. This is one such song.

I've missed on many gems here. Like, Come As You Are, Rape Me, About A Girl, Breed, Lithium, Polly...
The list is endless! Just dig into his classic albums, 'Nevermind', 'In Utero', 'Incesticide' and 'MTV Unplugged in New York'. Every song is sheer epicness!

Okay. I'm in a totally nostalgic and elegiac mood at this point of time, so this article might come off as idolatry. Hence, I conclude this here. This one's a tribute for the philanthropist, whose picturesque  tragedy gifted this world the brilliance of Nirvana! He'll always be an inspiration for me. Every metaphor seems ordinary while describing the elegance of this iconic rockstar. Happy birthday Kurt Donald Cobain. You'll live on forever, in our hearts!

For Further watching:  The Rise And Rise Of Kurt Cobain.
 Montage Of Heck.
Soaked In Bleach. 
Till then, Adios.



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