We Don't Need No Religion

Disclaimer: If you're an extremely religious person or some sort of faith fanatic, stop reading this right away. My intention isn't to offend anyone. I'm just sharing my opinions and my viewpoint here. Yes. Feel free to flush it down the drain, if you disagree.  Thank You.

If seeing this guy makes your blood boil, STOP READING. I REPEAT. STOP READING. (Pic Source:izquotes.com)

What's up folks? Hope you're enjoying your Diwali vacations. I wish you all a very happy and prosperous Diwali! Yes. Asked God to spread happiness and peace all over, if not, he can go fuck himself. And yes, Happy Children's Day. Never kill that inner child in you. Never.

Moving forward, Modi's in UK. Epic speech at Wembley, must say. I guess he's the second guy of Asian heritage to rock Wembley with such magnitude! After Freddie Mercury of course! (1986, Queen, live at Wembley)
First Madison Square and now Wembley. A rockstar indeed!
No. I’m not a ‘bhakt’ or something but I do admire this guy’s brilliant oratory skills and the way he connects with the masses.

Moving on, the recent attacks in Paris by ISIS have sent shivers down the spine, worldwide. Such horrifying acts are not human at all. And then they preach, "Terrorism has no religion." and "Pray for Paris."

Okay. Let's get this straight. Praying won't solve shit. It's like watering the plants after they've died.

Now, before you start jumping off to judgements like an autistic kangaroo, I'd like to clear this thing. I'm not against any religion. I don't consider myself qualified enough to do so. I'm against these dogmatic religious douche-bags, who justify stupid bullshit practices in the name of religion or devotion.
Be it absurd practices, inhumane rituals, massive genocides, hatred riots, suicide bombings or acts of terrorism.


But why do these things happen? Why does ISIS  keep killing people in the name of religion? Of course aggressive expansion and their desire for indisputable power all over the globe.
But looking at the present scenario, I must say the problem is deep rooted.
But how does ISIS manage to lure so many youths for their inhumane cause?
Well paradoxically, the answer is pretty simple, yet complex; Mindset.

They have that ability of  brainwashing and radicalizing a person's mindset. Perhaps, their greatest strength. Once you're able to alter a person's ideology, you've got him by the balls.
And how do they do this? Simple. Using religion as a tool.

As kids, we're taught by our parents or our teachers to believe in something that we've absolutely no idea about. To believe in something that has no rational or scientific backing. Yes. Religion.
Deluding us with fancy terms like, spirituality, divinity, morality and crap.
And when the small kid starts to dubiously question all this stuff around him, he's frowned upon by the society and looked at as an outcast.
There. We didn't even realize it but we've already have started brainwashing.
We radicalized the kid and curbed his freedom to ask logical question.
We subtly murdered his curiosity and skeptical nature, rather than developing his scientific temper.
We've unknowingly already prepared his mind, to get indoctrinated by religious extremists.

This is exactly what ISIS does, but on a more professional, political and psychological level.
They brainwash these teenagers and turn them into jihadis, using religion. Their hatred for western culture also acts as a catalyst. Hate is a powerful emotion and ISIS knows how to utilize it effectively.

I'm not getting into the details of how they do this., as I'm short on time. Just in case you wish to get more information on this, you can read this article: Why so many youths are attracted towards ISIS.
Or this one: How does ISIS appeal to lure teenagers and youths.

I'm not saying that every religious person is a potential jihadi. I never said that. I'm just saying that an extremely religious mindset is an easy target for these folks. Religious idealism, immense frustration, emotional discontent and desperation to make their lives worthwhile; these are the things that ISIS banks upon, for their massive recruitment all over the globe.

I had read this news article a few months back about a man from UP,  Zafar. He killed his 4 year old daughter just because the cloth covering her head had slipped off while she was eating. And this guy thrashed his own daughter mercilessly & smashed her head, until she was dead. Now that's insane! No. I'm not making up shit. You can read it here.
The neighbours of Zafar described him as mentally unstable, which no doubt seems legit. Zafar also claimed to be staunch follower of his religion! 

My point here is, why the fuck does terrorism always find a link to religion or politics somehow? Always.
To be frank, I find the whole concept of religion vague as shit. Just like the concept of wearing gold as a sign of prosperity.

Peshawar attacks on school children. Those shootings in American schools. That hideous attack on Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris. Bombay 2008 attacks and the most recent, Paris attacks. The list goes on and on.

Is there a word for killing something that's already dead?

The solution to all this? Well, you might ridicule or laugh at me but the answer is, 'Think'

Yes. Think. We should teach our kids to question, to think in a logical, rational and pragmatic manner rather than preaching them shit and asking them to remain silent.
A mindset so strong that no amount of bullshit can indoctrinate them. That's what we need.
In my opinion, that's the only way to stop this.
Terrorists are those folks, who've stopped thinking. They're just puppets of someone else's wicked & cruel brains. Jihadis, as we call them.  Our supreme intellect and way of thinking is the only thing separates us from animals. And once you lose that thing; the ability to think for yourself, you're no longer a human being. You're an animal. I guess that justifies the brutal and heinous acts terrorists carry out.

And as far as religion goes, I'm partly atheist and partly agnostic. So whatever I say will be rubbished off  by my believer friends. Doesn't matter. I have nothing against them. And yes, I do respect their opinions.
It just saddens me when barbaric and vicious acts are carried out by people under the garb of religion. Religious intolerance has often led to massive riots and violent activities.

Religious bigotry is a very dangerous thing. 
Is religion the root of all evil? Maybe, yes.
Does praying for the innocents who lost their lives, solve the problem? Nope. I don't think so.
We pray and forget, that's it.
It's 21st century. And keeping an orthodox mindset won't help you develop at all.

It's all about the mentality, the ideology and the way we think. Move over nuclear weapons, an infiltrated human mind is the deadliest weapon. Ever.
Who knows, you might be the next jihadi.

Anyway, this month's catalog!

Interstellar. (Yep. Managed to watch it now, that too on television. Great movie, must say!)

Since I Don't Have You - Guns N' Roses. (Yes. I missed his concert. This song though! Beautiful! Lyrics hits you like bricks on your head!)

From Beyond - H. P. Lovecraft. (When it comes to horror, no one, I repeat, no one comes close to what Lovecraft writes! Weird horror at its best!)

Also, I've written this new poem. I even started sketching again, after like 8 years, you can check them out on my Instagram. Okay. How lonely & jobless am I?

And yes, I'd like to thank Akash Barve for proofreading this one!

Feel free to express your opinions, abuses, criticisms or suggestions in the comments section! Also, do share it with your friends if you enjoyed reading it! Thank You!

Do you think religion is the root of all evil?

Can't Say.

Till then, adios! :)


  1. Being an atheist I completely agree with you but as usual we will be ridiculed by our "elders".

  2. Excellent post, Neeraj! That's all I'm going to say because I'm shell-shocked at the death of humanity and I'm wondering what kind of world I've brought my daughter into.

    1. Thank you Maam'
      This world is still a great place to be in. There's still hope! :)
      In John Lennon's words,

      "Nothing to kill or die for
      And no religion too
      Imagine all the people
      Living life in peace..."

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