How Fucked Up Are We?

No one said it better than this author. (Pic Source:

What's up folks? I know I'm a bit late this time as I just finished writing 989787658476 pages of mindless batcrap in the name of assignments and journals. I never quite understood the logic behind writing the same stuff that's already available in printed form. It's like catching a Karjat bound local train from Dadar, when the fact is that you actually want to reach Andheri.
Never mind, I can go cribbing about all that's fucked up about this education system for decades!

Also, I had the privilege of attending the most disruptive blogging conference ever! BNLF (Blog Now, Live Forever)
Yes. I know. Saw Bruce Dickinson. Live. On stage. Standing at an arm's distance! Damn!
If I were a girl, I would have totally made out with him, right there! Absolute legend!

Best. Event. Ever!

Okay. Moving on, remember in school how we used to think our future would be? Yes. The good old delusional days! How we believed in all the bullshit that was taught to us about life or maybe not. We never gave a flying fuck about anything, living happily in our small dreamland! But then growing up happened. Out of nowhere, the dreamland somehow turned into a Dharavi slum. We have no idea how that happened. And then, we gradually came to a point where we just started describing our lives in mere two words; 'Fucked up'

But really, how fucked up are we? Okay. I accept that your life isn't like those Sooraj Barjatya's movies. But it also isn't a Nazi holocaust chamber. So, be grateful for that!
The truth is that we're a generation of self-centered selfish douchebags who keep comparing ourselves with others' lives. And that's the sole reason for all the sadness that's been blooming over our existence. In Theodore Roosevelt's words, "Comparison is the thief of joy."

He's got a Mercedes, I want it too. He's got a blonde girlfriend, I want one too. If he's hula hooping with a spastic penguin in Las Vegas, I want to do that too! If he can do it, why can't I?
All our life, we're constantly trying to satisfy our immortal greed and obsession for materialistic possessions. We chase monetary desires like an autistic starving hound! Also, we keep craving for stuff that instills a sense of pseudo gratification in us. Basically, consumerism has got us all by our balls! All thanks to those deep shit motivational quotes, movies, books, songs, media, advertisements and hogwash. Oh, the futile hokum!

We keep slogging our asses off, trying to achieve perfection in our lives. Trying to control each and every aspect of it, just as we want to. And then, we surprisingly end up leading monotonous lives. Unsatisfied and unhappy. Always wondering what went wrong.

Funny thing is, we keep whining about how our lives suck, from the comfort of our couch, sitting in an air-conditioned room with that iPhone in our hands. We have a wardrobe full of Gucci, Dolce & Gabanna and those firangi brands whose pronunciation is as absurd as their pricing. We have the privilege of eating good food everyday, effortlessly and even enjoy an occasional binge on that Starbucks coffee or maybe Burger King. But still, WE'RE FRUSTRATED AND ANGRY WITH OUR LIVES!
Always grumbling and outraging about how everything's screwed up and how eternal sadness has gripped our lives.
Totally ridiculous, isn't it?
Irony just made out with Kamaal R. Khan and cried itself to death.
What the fuck are we frustrated and angry about?

Yes. All we need is happiness!

To be frank, your life isn't screwed up my friend. The fact is, you're just discontent with whatever you've got. Dissatisfaction is like a black hole for happiness. For fuck's sake, don't let it suck you within.
Just for a moment, think about the folks who're struggling to even get themselves a decent meal, twice a day.
Those poor malnourished kids who beg on railway platforms. That old farmer who weeps every time he looks up at the sky, hoping the clouds will be generous someday. That labour worker who toils everyday so that he can feed his family. That unfortunate leper who has been abandoned by this society.
They are the ones who're truly fucked up.

The question is, do you sleep peacefully every night? Or you stay wide awake, with all that pain, sadness and discontent within you? (Snapchat: ingeniousretard)

So what, if you failed at something? So what, if she broke your heart? So what, if you couldn't satisfy their expectations? So what, if your life isn't like you thought it would be? So what, if you have herpes? Err.. wait, that escalated quickly.
Well, what I'm trying to say is, let it roll man! Just grab a drink with your buddies and enjoy all the blissful time you've in your hand! Learn to laugh at all your miseries. The world's already a pretty sad & pathetic place and laughter is the ONLY remedy for survival.

Stop worrying too much about what your future has in store for you. Do what you truly love doing, what you're truly passionate about, without giving a damn about anyone or anything. Never worry about 'Chaar log kya sochengey' (unless it's an orgy!)
Stop seeking validation. Insaan ho yaar, stamp paper nahin.

No matter what, enjoy every day to the fullest. So that you don't have any regrets when you're lying on your death bed, biding your time to sleep peacefully until eternity!

No. We aren't fucked up. Not yet. We're just pampered little shits who haven't actually seen what real hardships are like. It's our avaricious and miserable mindset that's fucked itself up, over the years.
In the end, all in all we're all just bricks in the wall!

As the great Jim Morrison once said, "The future is uncertain and the end is always near!"
So, I'd like to end this one here.

Live now. For, now is the time. The time of your life. (Pic Source:

Okay, as usual, moving on to this month's catalog! (This is actually October's catalog. I was planning to publish this on 31st October but I was too busy jerking off to the fact that I'll be watching Bruce Dickinson live on stage!)

Anyway, here's the catalog!

Heart Like A Hand Grenade. (For all the punkheads out there! Do not miss this one if you're a Green Day fan!)

Maybe Tomorrow - Badfinger. (This is one of the most beautiful song I've ever heard. For me, Badfinger are on par with The Beatles. Way too underrated. R.I.P Pete Ham and Tommy Evans, the nice guys who fell prey to this bad music industry. The tragedy that followed this band still gives me goosebumps!)

The Raven -Edgar Allan Poe. (If I got a chance, I'd love to live inside Edgar Poe's mind! Read this classic masterpiece! Dark poetry at its best!)

Also, I've been covering classics lately and ruining them. You can check out my SoundCloud if you've time to kill!
Love Street - The Doors. (Cover)

And yes, as usual I'd like to thank Siddhi Pawar and Rohith Jayarajan from the bottom of my heart, for proofreading this one! You folks are the best! :)

Feel free to express your opinions, abuses, criticisms or suggestions in the comments section! Also, do share it with your friends if you enjoyed reading it! Please, do share it! Thank You!

Till then, adios! :)


  1. Submitted assignments nd journals on time....

  2. Great man! How long till they declare your bravery award?


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