Learn To Laugh

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“Dude, that’s offensive! How can you laugh at it?”

“How can you be so racist/sexist/misogynist/sadist/ *insert any insult* ?”


It’s 2016 and these sanctimonious morons still lose their shit over a joke. Ridiculous, isn’t it?

Miss those good old days when jokes were just jokes and nothing else. You could just laugh your ass of at anything under the sun and no one would judge you. But today, everything’s different. Every joke nowadays is like a dildo. Some people pleasure themselves with it while others just wrap a barbed wire around it and shove them up their narrow minded ass.

These indignant cunts are the worst of all beings. Their lives are already pathetic as they’ve forgotten how to laugh at jokes and now they think it’s cool to ruin jokes by taking offense. They’re the main reason why the world is such a sad place.

Just because some self-righteous folks sitting there, tell you it’s unfunny, you start outraging blindly like a brainless herd of cattle. You’re human beings. You have a mind of your own. Don’t let them manipulate your mindset in a biased manner. Please think for yourself. It’s okay to have an opinion of your own rather than listening to what they preach you. And yes, just LEARN TO FUCKING LAUGH!

In my opinion, a joke is never offensive, it’s your orthodox undeveloped mindset that makes it offensive. If you don’t find certain jokes funny, IGNORE them. Don’t be a judgemental dickhead preaching morality here on the internet. Who're you to decide what is funny and what isn't? It's like, burning the television set when you don't like a show, rather than just changing the channel.

Read Champak.

Love it how some people ask comedians to “draw a line”, about topics on which they can crack jokes. That’s the most absurd thing I’ve heard. Freedom of speech just came under Bhai's car and died.

“He needs to draw a line!”

“He has crossed the line!”

Stop being obsessed with imaginary lines. For fuck’s sake, it’s comedy. Not geometry! Please develop a sense of humour, fuckers.

Life is too short to feel offended by jokes. Laugh and let others laugh. Appreciate the fact that at least there are people who’re trying to crack you up, in a world filled with sadness and misery.

LEARN TO LAUGH. Stop being a blot on evolution and humanity.

Anyway, this month's catalog.

Pele: Birth Of A Legend (This one's based on the man who revolutionized the way football is played! Amazing!)

Just Breathe - Pearl Jam. (The brilliance of Eddie Vedder! Beautiful!)

Desperation - Stephen King. (This is Stephen King at his best! A gripping tale about the horrors that lie in an isolated town called 'Desperation' Don't miss this one, if you're a fan of horror fiction!)

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