Whatever Happened To Our Childhood Dreams.

"Change your Whatsapp display pic to our Tricolour, can't you show some respect for our nation? At least for day?"

"Yaar, iss desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta. Ek baar GRE clear du, fir toh US mein hi settle ho jaaunga!" 

"Infosys bekaar hai bey. Google aur JP Morgan mein hi job ke liye try karunga!" 
And so I began my Independence Day celebrations by blocking these self proclaimed intellectuals and pseudo jingoists. Okay. Maybe I'm feeling a bit inspirational today. That'd be because I watched Border for like 23845657th time on Zee Cinema yesterday. Or because I just heard the legendary speech, "Tryst With Destiny" on History channel.

Whatever may be the reason, this article is not like my usual satires. You may find it a bit boring and way too long. Basically, this article is just my brain spitting out a philosophical and motivational twaddle on this platform, just like the concoction of an average paan eater's sputum. So, feel free to flush it down the commode!

Surrealism to me is reality. (Pic Credits: Emilyquotes.com)

As usual, I was surfing Instagram and I suddenly came across this video clip of a small kid dressed up for what seemed like a fancy dress contest. He was wearing a cool jacket with a miniature toy piano in his hand. Portraying a musician, I guess. And then the clip started to play.

"Hello everyone. My name is Sunil. I'm 7 years old. When I grow up, I want to be a musician. I love singing and playing my piano! Thank You!" saying so in that childish voice, he ended his speech. Turns out the clip was shared by one of my schoolmate, who was a few years senior to me. The caption read, "My childhood dream."

I just happened to socialize a bit with this guy. Believe me, my socializing skills are similar to that of Manmohan Singh trying to rap in a rave party.
So, the guy said he was pursuing MBBS and will be doctor soon. I then mentioned him about the video clip I had seen on Instagram, asking him "Bhai, tera singing skills epic tha! Piano bhi baap baja leta tha! Achanak ye medical field mein interest kahaan se aa gaya?"

To that he gave a classic reply. A reply which we Indians have mastered since the pre Neanderthal Era. "Yaar, family ne naa bol diya. :("

He continued, "Kuch relatives bhi bole ki kuch scope nahi hai aage iss field mein. And my parents were convinced easily. Even I thought a lot on this matter. Biology mein waise bhi pehle se hi acche scores aate aaye hai. So I decided, I'll join medical field!

"And what about your brilliant vocal skills?"

"I love singing, you know that. But I can't find time for it. Hectic schedule and these huge books on the biological structure of human bodies. I do sing, but it's only limited to me performing in my shower!", saying so he chuckled.

This incident stirred up my nostalgia and I was taken back to the time when I had participated in a similar Fancy Dress contest. I remember, I was dressed up as a soldier. That was because when Dad asked me what do you want to be when you grow up, my usual reply was "A Hero"

"Why? Why do you want to be a hero?" asked Dad.
"Because they're strong and they fight bad people. I've seen on TV", I naively replied.
"But those guys aren't real heroes. They're just actors. They don't fight in reality, it's all a part of drama!"
I felt Dad was lying to me. Yes. I was pretty stupid back then. So, I asked Dad, "Then who're the real heroes? Who fight all the bad people?"
My Dad replied, "Soldiers. They are the real heroes. They protect our country and fight for it day and night!"
I didn't get much of what Dad said as I was still in pre-school and was mentally paraplegic, unlike most of the kids of my age. But that moment I had decided I'll dress up as a soldier in that fancy dress contest because I was told that they are the real heroes. And also because Teletubbies costume wasn't available. Indeed soldiers are true heroes, no doubt about that. But at that time I had no idea what soldiers actually did. I used to think that soldiers are people who carry cool weapons, guns and shit, roaming about in their abstract patterned costumes, killing all the bad guys.
Yes. Even as a kid, I wasn't photogenic. Facial expressions look like I'm holding a shit.
What I'm trying to say is, when we were kids we had true freedom. The freedom to think as we wish. The freedom to do what we want. The freedom to be whoever the fuck we want to be, without being ridiculed. Be it Iron Man or The Undertaker. True freedom in the sense. We never feared about people judging us or our stupidity. We just kept doing what we thought was right. Caring about the consequences? Well, forget caring we didn't give a fuck about consequences. We kept on making mistakes and kept learning from them. Oh I miss those blissful days!

But the best thing about childhood was that we never feared to dream. However idiotic the dream maybe. For us nothing was imbecile. We had the courage and the freedom to follow our dreams. Back then even flying on a broomstick felt like a dream, an ambition that needs to be accomplished. All thanks to Harry Potter. Our mind was an utopian paradise filled with all kinds of sublime things!

But now if you look around everything's totally different. Reality, as we call it.
We've stopped dreaming these days. Maybe because we forgot how to dream. Or maybe because we lack imagination required for it. We don't have the balls to follow our heart, afraid of failing miserably. People abandon their aspirations thinking they're way too unrealistic or delusory. I agree, there's nothing wrong in thinking practically and rationally. But that's the only way people think these days. Acquiring wealth is now synonymous to acquiring happiness. Cause even 'Happy Hours' come along with a price tag. We study not to learn something, but only to ensure job security. Being an asshole is the new cool. Honesty is the best policy? Not anymore, they have their own *terms & conditions applied. Getting laid has more importance than finding love.

Now for those who're good at adapting, they have already refashioned themselves according to this ambiguous world. They've learnt to suck up to realism and practicality. But what about the creed of folks who don't have a fashion sense to adapt to the changing trends of this society. The folks who still haven't murdered their inner child. Those who still believe in the power of freedom and honesty. Guys who still want to pursue their passion. The guys who still dream to be 'A Hero' when they grow up? What happens to them?

Well, I don't have the answer to this question. Maybe because I still belong to that creed.
But as Darwin's theory suggests 'Living beings who fail to adapt according to their surroundings, eventually end up being extinct."
Anyway, I can't see a bright future for these folks unless they adjust themselves according to the so called 'Real World'.

No one said it better than this humorist. But sadly, the era of dreams seems to be over now. (Pic Credits: izquotes.com)

Okay. Maybe I should stop this motivational batcrap as someone here just called the mental asylum. Yeah. This is what happens when you sit naked under a tree with your laptop for hours, hoping to miraculously attain enlightenment.

Well, I'd like to wish you guys a very happy Independence Day! I know, I'm late in posting this article. Since 1947, we've come a long way indeed! (Except the fact that people still enter local trains like a brainless herd of cattle. Never mind.) We've developed by leaps and bounds, and I hope that we'll soon achieve our dream of being a global superpower someday, just like we achieved the dream of being a free nation. Massive respect for that generation of brave hearts who fought for our freedom. I just hope we don't end up being a generation of cowards who can't even pursue their dreams and ambitions. And yes, never stop dreaming and believing in yourself. Jai Hind!

Moving on, I had written this one a few months back. Dedicated to all the legends and martyrs who lived for this country, till their last breath.

The Martyr.

Before signing off, this month's catalog!

Movie: Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. (Critics didn't seem much impressed with this installment. Well, watch it for the talented Tom Cruise!)

Song: If The Hudson Overflows - Goldspot. (Siddhi suggested this one. Great taste in music, must say! Has been on loop since a month!) 

Book: Ignited Minds - Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam. (Had read this masterpiece when I was in 8th grade. Reading it again. Inspirational!)

Feel free to express your suggestions, criticisms, grammatical errors or abuses in the comments section below. Also, don't forget to share it with your friends if your enjoyed reading it. If you didn't, then too share it. Akele kyun torture sehan karte ho yaar, dusro mein bhi baaton!  I'm sorry for ruining your Sunday.

Till Then, Adios! :)


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