What's Your Point..err!

Hello folks! Its been quite long since I retired from blogging. Yes. Stop calling me a loser. The fact is, my involuntary retirement lasted more than Kejriwal's last stint as the CM of Delhi! I guess... well, things have changed way too quickly, as the guy has managed to become Delhi's CM again. Yeah. I do respect and admire his victory in Delhi Elections, but don't expect me to adulate him just for the sake of getting hits on my blog!

It seems while I'd been away, there had been a massive outbreak of  'McBc' virus! And this time almost  1000's were affected by it! (In case you don't know what McBc virus is : McBc Virus Wikia.)
The thing is, it is a very contagious virus, and can spread easily, so stay alert and watch out for it. Don't get offended!

 And, we beat Pakistan this time too! 6-0! Woohoo!
The last time Pakistan beat India in a World Cup
match, dinosaurs were alive and playing garba on this
planet! (Yes, my one liners are just as monotonous as my life! :p)

Also, about IPL auctions. Who the heck is this guy called Shreyas Iyer? This 19 yr old dude was bought by Delhi Daredevils for a whooping 2.6 crores! What the fuck man, the guy is just 19 and earning shitload of stacks! When I was 19...oh wait. I'm still 19. And I don't even earn enough  to buy myself a cutting chai! :(

  Here's how I felt when I came to know about this Shreyas Iyer thing.
Pretty much sums up my life these days! (Pic credits: Google Images)

Moving forward, the other day I was snug up peacefully in my bed, listening to Floyd. Just then my phone beeped and someone texted me that results are out! Anyways, I'd managed to clear my KT and clear the semester, basically I was on cloud nine! That feeling when you finally get a pointer! Yes, I got a pointer! 6.02!!

There. Did you just think, why the fuck am I happy even when I got such a meager pointer?
Well,  I'm happy because I passed. The whole concept of pointers, grades and shit never amused me.
As the great Shri Thomas Edison once said, "Tomorrow is my exam, but I don't care because a single sheet of future can't decide my future!" (Of course the dude failed miserably in that exam! And, I think even Tesla hates him! :p)
What I'm trying to convey here is, that just some random numbers and alphabets on a piece of paper, you guys subtly refer to as 'result', can't decide anyone's future! To be frank, the whole system of pointers is crap, that's what I feel. Like, this thing about internal term work and stuff.  Yeah. You've to literally lick asses of the right people at the right time, to get a good internal score. Forget about internals, this sick psychology works everywhere, almost everywhere. I've many things to say about that, but I'd highlight that issue some other day.

Pointers and grades are considered as a measure of one's intellect level. For this hypocritical society, good pointer means the guy is equivalent of Einstein, whereas a low pointer just means the guy is a equivalent of Uday Chopra. I know, to get a good job, you need a great pointer. I'm not against getting good pointers, just because I couldn't get one. Its just that this thing should not be used as a scale to judge one's creativity and intellect. First of all, the syllabus that we're studying is already from 400 B.C. Also, most of us never really learn a damn from it.

There's a difference between studying and learning. Learning is what we do when we take up driving classes. Studying is what we do when we mug up Techmax, a night before an exam! Yes, I do study, but I've not been able a learn any shit out of it. It's just like we burn the midnight oil to clear our semester and then poof! New sem, new brain! I don't know about you guys, but at least that's what I do. I've never really learnt anything worthwhile from Techmax, other than how to manage time, smartly skip chapters and pass.
Funny thing is, I've learned a lot more stuff from Youtube rather than these conventional books! For me, good grades and pointers are nothing but a kind of approval we seek, or a stamp as we may call it, a validation that you're completely able and ready to suck up to this system and to this society.

Long story short, the whole point is; try to learn what you study. Don't just do it for the sake of grades or pointers.
Well, this article is much longer than all the combined bullshit, I've written in my exams this semester. So, before I kill you to death with boredom, I'd like to conclude it here with this great quote by Chuck Grassley

"What makes a child gifted and talented may not always be good grades in school, but a different way of looking at the world and learning."

Oh, the positivity of the guy who discovered 'Positron' :) (Pic Credits : Google Images)

So, next time you judge someone on his/her point..err, think again! :)


Thank You for wasting your precious time reading this piece of crap. Also, the thing about Youtube channel, our first video is still in editing process! Oh heck, this thing about making videos! It takes like 9782937984456 years to make one good video. New found respect for TVF & AIB, will never judge their videos henceforth! Till our video is out, you can check out our channel member and  my dear friend, 'Kans' Kumar's Youtube channel!
 kumar hans on the tube biatches! :D
Do check out, guy has got a really beautiful voice! Also he's funny as fuck! :p

And finally, I'm back in love. I couldn't resist the temptation, I had to return to my old love of writing articles and blogging! (Also, I'm jobless these days!)
As usual, your comments and criticisms would be appreciated! And, do share this with your friends if you enjoyed reading it! Thank You once again, until next time, Adios! :)



  1. Shit life after college dude.
    I got into MNC through campus placements and life sucks even more
    Not a fucking bit happy

    1. I'm so not thinking about life after college! I hope you find out your happiness soon! :)


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