Man Beats Up Autowallah For Saying "Nahi Jaayega". Accusing Him Of Being A Sexist!

 Mumbai:  In a horrific incident near Andheri, Ashok Thakur, a man working in Vector Infotek, beat the shit out of an autowallah, for refusing to take him to his destination.

Ashok Thakur beating up the autowallah. (Pic Credits: Google images)
        One of our correspondent spoke to Mr. Ashok, who bursted out saying,
"For 1 hour, I was waiting for an auto, that would take me to Adarsh Nagar. But these ignorant and impudent bastards refused me everytime. What am I a fool or something? Nearly 18 autos rejected me saying "Nahi Jaayega", testing my patience. But this sexist &@#$**#, he provoked me. He too refused me rudely, like the other autowallahs did. But what shocked me was, that he willingly accepted to take the lady standing next to me, to Adarsh Nagar. He was blushing like she had proposed him for marriage! That moment I lost my cool and shoved him out of his rickshaw. Douchebag. He deserved this. Who does he think he is!?" *Spats out abuses which are not suitable for readers*

       An onlooker who recoreded a video of the full incident said,
"The man kept on asking him 'Nahi Jaayega? Nahi Jaayega b#@#$*? Tera baap bhi jaayega Adarsh Nagar @#$#@**$, continously abusing him and beat him black and blue. Also when his fellow autowallah friend tried to interfere, he got 2-3 slaps as well, before he realized that his attempt was futile and backed out as soon as possible! It was so funny, I have uploaded the video on Youtube do check out and subscribe to my channel as well!"

       Another eye witness who spoke to us, was supporting Mr. Ashok's feat, he said,
"These rickshawala guys deserve this. They're arrogant and rude most of the times, refusing common passengers to their destination. This incident will teach them a good lesson!"

      The 'Andheri Auto Rickshaw Union' are agitating about this.
Our correspondent sopke to Mr. Arun Yadav, who is the chief of the union.
"This is insane. We autowallahs won't tolerate this kind of behaviour henceforth. We too have our self respect! How can this guy beat up our brother on such a petty issue. Where is the law now? We strongly condemn this incident and ask Mr. Ashok to apologize!", said Mr. Arun angrily.

      Meanwhile Raju Gupta, the autowallah who was the victim in this incident, is being treated in Sion Hospital. Our sources confirm 2-3 broken bones. Other details are unavailable as of now.

 (Above  article is entirely fictious and does not bear any resemblance with reality. Readers are advised to take it with a pinch of salt! :D)

[Greetings everyone! To begin with I shower my warmest gratitude to everyone of you, who still read this ludicrous blog. Thanks for the overwhelming response you gave to my previous blog article, 'The Great IIT'ian Circus!' Okay, moving forward from this civility, through this article I'm back to my usual genre of satire! There may be a major decline in the quality, so please bear with it. Also I'm about to start writing articles for this online tech magazine of my college, known as 'Decrypt', do check out its facebook page, until it goes live in next few days! Technical Satire, well thats the genre I'm looking forward to explore, via the platform provided by Decrypt! Thanks for giving your precious time to read this blog article! Your comments and criticism are much appreciated! Till then, ciao! :) ]


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