The Great IIT'ian Circus!

Hello Folks! Pretty long since I wrote something crappy. Well I was a bit busy these days, doing an internet research on sexually transmitted diseases in Mongolian tribes! First up, I'd like to congratulate all those who've fared well in their board and JEE exams recently! You've just reduced two years of slogging your ass & not getting laid, out of the remaining 50-60 years of your life! And I'd also like to thank you all for the amazing response you gave for my previous blog article, The Football Fanatics! :')

               Moving forward, as  the world renowned philosopher, Sir Friedrich Nietzsche once said "In near future, there will be more number of engineers in India, than the number of quantum particles in Universe." Well, I won't blame him for his absolutely factual and pragmatic thoughts about India. Never mind! 
               As per Nirmal Baba's yearly predictions, there will be around 8 million engineers passing out, by the end of the year 2020! Whoa! A fucking 8 million! That's just slightly more than his annual turnover!

               I still remember when I was in primary school. Everyone back then would say "Main bada hoke Pilot banunga!" or "Main Doctor banunga" or "Main Army join karunga" or "Main bada hoke Nalayak banunga"...err.. I can't recollect if someone said that?. The point is, no one knew back then what an Engineer is. To be frank, till 8th grade I thought of engineers as people who drive railway engines & local trains in Mumbai! Yep. I was a retard back then! :D 

              But look how everything is changed now! The arcadia of childhood, the most beautiful phase of our life, is fading away slowly. For example, a 7th grade kid in my society has been forcefully admitted in some random coaching classes for IIT, under the name of pre foundation course! Pre foundation? What the fuck is pre foundation? Sadly, that kid wanted to join swimming classes, as he loved swimming. But then kids in India hardly get encouraged to take up sports as a career. Instead they're despised off  by saying "Sports khelega beta? Jaa chup chaap andar jaake padhaai kar pehle! Bada aaya sportsman banne!" Also, people are rapaciously spending  lakhs of rupees on these coaching classes, just to get that so called 'headstart'. Maybe they should start eating textbooks from 5th grade onwards, just to get that 'extra edge' over others. As a 7th grader, I still remember getting excited only about learning the biology chapters known as 'Life Processes 1,2 & 3' (If you know what I mean). I didn't have any idea of what IIT-JEE is or what Engineering is until 10th grade!

             Kids nowadays days are doctrined and trained to be the typical working class hero. They're taught to sacrifice their dreams for the sake of being tagged as successful. They're often encouraged to live a rather monotonous life which involves getting a good job, a house, a car, a good amount of bank balance and ultimately getting married to a fair looking, 'sanskaari' girl. That's it. Unfortunately, capitalism has taken over our lives to such an extent that even books like "How To Be Successful In Life" define success as obtaining tremendous amount of wealth & becoming rich as fuck! As Indians, we are always proud of our moral values, our culture, our parampara, our ... well I'm out of all the shuddh hindi terms in my dictionary! But besides this we often imbibe values such as hypocrisy, women inferiority, jealousy, greed and hatred in our kids, since birth. Knowingly or unknowingly, it's still a mystery! It is unfortunate but true. Whenever someone tries to think out of the box, we just dissuade him, making him feel absurd. If this trend continues, in near future pre school kids will be taught 'I for IIT' and other alphabetical bullshit!

            As far as IIT is concerned, there are almost 12 lakh aspirants of IIT every year, out of which nearly 9885 make it to this magnificent institute. I'm not saying there's harm in trying, but it must not be the case that its only thing you're trying for. Its ALWAYS important to have backup options! Always. I'm not saying this because I couldn't make it there. Try to be practical, only 9885 candidates out of 1200000 are those lucky asses who make it there, what about the remaining 1190115 candidates? (I hope my calculation is correct, as I recently got another KT in Mathematics :p). 
       Kids these days, who're still unsure of what life is or what they want to be in life, are forced like herds of cattle, into IIT coaching classes at a very tender age, when they don't even know what it is. They're forced by their parents & relatives to think about choosing a career, when they can't even choose between Chhota Bheem and ShinChan! (BTW, Chhota Bheem is basically a sucks. I had watched a few episodes and I'm just back from rehab.)

           My thoughts now ruminate about the wonderful lines said by the great poet, Mirza Ghalib! "Never write your blog articles so long & boring that people will have to measure it with a surveyor's wheel then find and kill you later."
                  So profound, Ghalib saab! I almost cried! :'(
 Maybe I should conclude this here by quoting the great Jim Morrison! :)
 "The most loving parents and relatives commit murder with smiles on their faces. They force us to destroy the person we really are: a subtle kind of murder."

Sadly Lennon, the era of seeking happiness is over. We now seek wealth in order to be happy!
[Thank You for reading this piece of shit. Your comments, criticisms and abuses are warmly welcomed! Till then, Adios! :)]


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