The Football Fanatics!

So its that time of the year again when football fans all over the globe are having probably the best time of their lives. Football, Booze, Pizza.... Its nearly a month long big bash party! Its also the time  when new football fans just come out of their cocoon to be a part of this huge carnival! Its difficult to classify these football maniacs, but I'll help you figure out the types of football fans, you might come across. So Lets Kick Off!

1.] The Genuine Football Fans.
No one can forget this beautiful mosaic by some genuine Dortmund fans!

This category includes people who're football fans just because they love the sport. They support a team only because they like their style of playing. They have a good sense of football tactics and gameplay. These are the people who enjoy and appreciate a good football game, and won't crib even if their team loses in that game! They don't like the sport just to seem cool or impress anyone.

How To Spot Them: Well, there aren't any devices invented yet to find these exotic and rare specie of football fans. So you'd have to discover them yourselves.

2.] The Attention Deprived Football Fans.
OMG! I love Manchester United! They'll win the World Cup
These are the people who have the minimalistic or generally no idea of football. They will be busy clicking selfies in a team's jersey without knowing a shit about it and will upload it as a profile picture on social media, just to be the part of this carnival. They'll support a certain team because majority is supporting them. This kind of specie is found in both sexes.

How To Spot Them: They are the ones who'd want Manchester United to win the Fifa World Cup!

3.] The Player Obsessed Freak.
I'm the biggest Ronaldo Fan!!

These are the guys who'll scream a player's name, on the top of their lungs, when he scores. You'd usually find them posting status updates or tweeting in following patterns

In case of Guys:
In case of Girls:
"OMG Ronaldo! He's so cute! He's my pom pom baby!!"
"Barcelona is the best team in the world because it has Lionel Messi in it! He's such a cutie!<3"

How To Spot Them: They'd be constantly glued to their favourite players, claiming to be their 'biggest fan'. Everytime. They're the ones who'd want Ronaldo, Messi or Neymar to win the World Cup!

4.] The Newbie.

These are the chaps who've discovered the beauty of the beautiful game recently. They're usually quite and are still struggling to stay awake at midnight just to watch a live football match. Their favourite team is generally the team his bestfriend supports, who introduced him to football initially.

How To Spot Them: They'll seem more interested in sleeping and checking out the final score next morning, rather than watching the full game. They're still in the developing stages.

5.] The 'We Don't Give A Fuck About Football.' Types.
We are not interested in Football!

These people are the one's who are least interested in this beautiful game. They genuinely don't care if its Fifa World Cup or any other crap. They either hate sports or are die hard cricket fans. They'd prefer watching repeat tealecast of  'Jai Ho, Amazing Virat, Swinging Shami and other such series of shows whose names are derived by the formula (some adjective + cricket player name).

How To Spot Them: Easy. They're never lurk near anything which is associated with football.

So that's it. I've only encountered of these categories of football fans. If I may have missed out on anything, feel free to comment on it, your criticisms and suggestions are always welcome :) Thank You for wasting your time reading this.
Till then, enjoy the beautiful game. Enjoy the World Cup. Go Argentina! (Still wondering which category of football fans do I belong to...)


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