Parageusia Of Love ~ A small compendium of my ideas on the most overrated feeling called Love.

 "He loved her madly. She suffered from Alzheimer's Disease. He wrote a love poem for her. She rolled a joint on it & smoked his love!"

 "He loved her like the red rose in the orchid. She ignored him like the useless shrub growing near a gutter (drainage system)"

"He: Your eyes! They're prescient! Glistening through the welkin! Pernicious! smile 
She: Your words! They're obscure! Causing a tumult in my vocabulary! Unctuous! smile"

"She: I need some space!
He: Okay! smile"
*Ties her to a rocket and launches her in space*

"She was the 'heartthrob' of the college! He had a 'pacemaker' placed in his chest!"

"He was a mathematical genius. She was 'tan 90' of beauty!
He failed to crack her 'trigonometry'. Ultimately she fucked with his 'Logic'!"

"She was the goddess of beauty. He was an atheist"
*End Of The Story*

"Love is just an illusion! Use you illusion to figure out that bullshit!"

                                                                                      THANK YOU! smile



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